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The IMO Girls told “Extra’s” Mario Lopez and Maria Menounos all about their YouTube network, AwesomenessTV, the guests they’ve had on their show, and what styles are in this summer!

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We turn the tables and interview Gracie when the cast of Supah Ninjas swing by the IMO set to talk about what it’s like working as a ninja! Ryan Potter and Carlos Knight open up about their prank war with Gracie while Gracie explains why she is the worst pranker. The IMO girls, Ryan, and Carlos also discuss what their secret identity would be if they could have one. Who would you choose as your secret identity? Also check out Supah Ninjas Season 2 premiere, February 9th at 8:30 PM on Nickelodeon.

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Sitting on the big yellow couch across from her AwesomenessTV co-hosts, you would never guess that Gracie Dzienny is a ninja. But that’s what makes a ninja a ninja.
The 16-year-old actress from Toledo, Ohio is best known for her role as Amanda McKay on the popular kids show Supah Ninjas, now in its second season on Nickelodeon.

After winning a modeling competition for Loreal when she was 5 years old, Dzienny quickly proved she was a natural in front of the camera, landing commercials and other modeling jobs. With the poise and confidence of a movie star, her unmistakable talent and winning smile continue to open up doors for her in Hollywood.

Whether she’s decorating cupcakes or dishing out advice, Gracie shines on screen. Her down-to-earth personality and comedic charm sparkle on the YouTube talk show IMO, which she co-hosts with Audrey Whitby (from Disney Channel’s So Random!), Teala Dunn (from TBS’s Are We There Yet?), Bethany Mota (AKA YouTube’s MacBarbie07), Ciara Bravo (of Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush) and Meaghan Dowling (known on Twitter as @TeenThings).

“I think one of the things people might not know is I’m probably one of the most opinionated,” Gracie joked in a recent interview with StayFamous.Net.

But opinion is exactly what IMO (which stands for In My Opinion) is all about. The web series delves into everything from celebrity gossip to issues facing teen girls, like bullying, relationships and self-esteem.

“My favorite episodes are the DIY episodes,” said Dzienny, who also recently started her own do-it-yourself series for AwesomenessTV called To DIY For. In her video tutorials, she shows viewers how to make a boutonniere, design your own personalized hot cocoa mug and even how to customize a pair of canvas flats.

Read More of the Interview HERE.

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Need costume ideas? The girls of AwesomnessTV’s IMO share their favorites with HTZ. From Gracie Dzienny’s group ideas to Audrey Whitby’s wordplay to Meaghan Dowling’s horror fixation to a double version of a Disney classic by Bethany Mota and Teala Dunn, you’ll have ideas galore for your Halloween costume!

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Hi Guys, below are all the IMO Episode’s for this week. The Girls interview Cody Christian from Pretty Little Liars and Runaways Star. They talk about Peer Pressure in High School, Who Has it easier Girls of Boys, and what’s in their bags! Be sure to check out HD Captures over in the gallery by clicking on the links below.

Episode 68: Favorite Twitter Hashtags
Episode 69: How to Deal with Peer Pressure in High School
Episode 70: Cody Christian Interview (Pretty Little Liars)
Episode 71: Who Has it Easter Boys or Girls?
Episode 72: What’s in My Bag?

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On Thursday’s episode of IMO the girls had Tyler Posey from MTV’s “Teen Wolf”, they asked him all about the show, and who win win wolf out of him and Taylor Lautner. On Friday’s episode the IMO girls had a mystery guest which was Amy Poehler. Make sure to check out the episodes below and, captures over in the gallery!


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IMO has taken over the web for there SUBSCRIBE-A-THON Week! For every 5,000 Fans who subscribe to AwesomenessTV they will Fly 1 Fan out to LA to Guest Star on IMO! How awesome is that! I hope you are all telling everyone you know about the SUBSCRIBE-A-THON! Below is alot of videos on IMO, from Modern Family’s Ariel Winter to Singer/Songwriter Tiffany Alvord, and Youtube Sensation Weylie. Make sure to check out all the lastest videos below, and tons of HD Captures over in the gallery!

Behind The Scenes: IMO SUBSCRIBE-A-THON Week

IMO SUBSCRIBE-A-THON Marathon Run with Gracie Dzienny
Episode 63: Modern Family’s Ariel Winter || IMO SUBSCRIBE-A-THON Day 1
Episode 64: Tiffany Alvord Answers IMO Fan Questions || IMO SUBSCRIBE-A-THON Day 2
Episode 65: Kissing in Public || IMO SUBSCRIBE-A-THON Day 3

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On Wednesdays episode of IMO the girls give us another great tutorial for a cute and easy updo for our hair so it wont get messed up in gym! Make sure to check out the episode and try it out, it totally helps! On Thursday the IMO girls had a special guest: Grant Harvey from AwesomenessTV’s Runaways. On Friday the girls take on a very important topic about Cheating. See what they had to say and be sure to check out HD Captures over in the gallery!

Episode 60: How to do a Cute Hairstyle for Gym
Episode 61: Grant Harvey from Runaways Interview
Episode 62: Cheating Girlfriend/Boyfriend

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