Ustream Chat Videos

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Over the weekend Gracie did a brand new Ustream Chat with Best Friend Ciara Bravo. If you were unable to tune in for the chat, no worries you can watch the whole thing below! Be sure to head on over to to follow their channel so you will be notified of new chats!

Gracie as ‘Guest Blogger’

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Earlier in the week, Gracie was a ‘Guest Blogger’ on her sister’s (Cassie) Blog! Make sure to check out what she blogged below, and pictures she posted over in the gallery. Make sure to Subscribe to Cassie’s Blog by clicking Here..

Gracie here! Taking over the blog for the day! Whoop whoop!
So, summer is finally here! And nothing says summer like staying up till 5am and watching vintage movies every night! Right? Haha! My recent favorite was Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot. She was quite a spaz and it reminded me so much of someone we have all come to know and love…Miss Cassie Lee! I loved how in the movie she was effortlessly glamourous while struggling to open a bag of potato chips and adding cups of sugar to her martini. While pinning away I came across this photo shoot of Miss Monroe and decided to take my own spin on it! Marilyn is all the rage right now with Smash, Gentleman Prefer Blondes on Broadway, etc., so why can’t I join in on the fun?
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Poptastic Awards!

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Voting is now open for the 11th Annual Poptastic Awards Gracie is nominated for Female Newcomer.
You can vote for Gracie everyday until April 30th, Make sure to vote by clicking Here.

You can also vote for Gracie in TV Actress, Just Click on Other and type “Gracie Dzienny”
You can also vote for Supah Ninjas in TV Show, Just Click on Other and type “Supah Ninjas”
You can also vote for Gracie in Female Beauty, Just Click on Other and type “Gracie Dzienny”
You can also vote for Gracie in Female Style Idol, Just Click on Other and type “Gracie Dzienny”

Also Fanlala Caught up with the stars of Nickelodeon’s “Supah Ninjas” to talk Season 2! Make sure to watch the video below to see what’s in store for the Supah 2nd Season!

Grammy’s Gifting Suite & More!

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I have added an image of Gracie attending KISS FM’s Grammy Gifting Suite, that took place at the Staples Center earlier in the week! Gracie also added a brand new headshot to her facebook page, that has been added to the gallery and can i just say Gracie is such a beautiful young lady! Along with those i have added 8 images of Gracie & Cassie Dzienny from Cassie’s Blog ( Make sure to check out her blog and the images over in the gallery!

Best Show of 2011! Happy New Year!

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First off, I want to thank everyone for voting for Supah Ninjas as Best New Show of 2011! Because of your support & your votes, SUPAH NINJAS WON!! If you haven’t seen the 2012 promo of Supah Ninjas episodes, make sure to head on over to to check them out!

Linda and I (Laura) want to wish you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEARS! We want to thank all of you for coming to check out our site, and for supporting Gracie. I hope you all have had a Fantastic year, and are hoping you have a fulfilled 2012. We also would like to Congratulate Gracie on everything she has accomplished this year, and we look forward to supporting her on many great things to come in 2012. Enjoy these last few hours of 2011 and be safe everyone. Again Thank You for Supporting Gracie, and this site!


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Hey guys, I just added over 30 new icons to the site. Be sure to go check them out! If you use them please give credit to the site!

JJJ Book Club.

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Hi Guys, Jared from JustJaredJr, recently caught up with Gracie to talk all about books! You can read the interview below, and head on over to for more. Seems like gracie like more than just being a hero on her Nickelodeon show “Supah Ninjas” but she also loves to read about them.

What is your favorite book and why?
My favorite book is “Hero” by Mike Lupica. I love this book because the main character is a super hero and I play one on Supah Ninjas. I love how the author goes in depth about the main character’s life and how hard it is to keep his secret! It’s totally like my character, Amanda, so I can relate.

Why should everyone read it?
Everyone should read “Hero” because I think it is a relatable story about a teen looking for courage and strength. It’s also an action-packed story, so you won’t want to put it down.

What’s the first book you remember reading?
Well, when I was really little my dad would always read “The Butter Battle Book” by Dr. Seuss to me. It was my favorite!

Do you judge the book by its cover?
I think I do sometimes! I’m an artist and a doodler, so cute photography or a fun little graphic always catches my eye. The brighter, more interesting book covers intrigue me a little more than the dark ones.

How do you feel about all the books being made into movies?
I think it depends on the book. I enjoy reading about the characters’ back story so I sometimes miss learning about those details when books are made into movies. I also like picturing in my mind what the characters looks like. Sometimes Hollywood surprises me with their casting choices!

Read more: JustJaredJr

Happy 16th Birthday Gracie!

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Everyone here at Introducing Gracie & Your Fans from all around the world wants to wish you a VERY HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY! I hope you have the greatest day ever!

Alot of fans came together and made you an Ultimate Fan Birthday Magazine. Check out the creations in the gallery and make sure to wish Gracie a happy birthday on twitter – @GracieDzienny

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