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Hi Guys, as you may notice i have put up a new main layout! I love it so much that its going to stick around for a while! It’s perfect for the summer! Let Me know what you think of it over in the chat box and if any links or pages are off please email me with a screenshot here @ Thanks, Laura(:

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Yesterday Gracie did a new Ustream with her best friend Ciara Bravo. Make sure to check them out below. You can always tune into both of their twitters to find out when they will have more ustream chats!

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It’s Tuesday, and you all know what that means! A Brand new episode of To DIY For! In this episode Gracie shows us how to make Miu Miu Print Flats! Make sure to watch the episode below, and HD captures are all over the gallery!

Ever wonder how to take your plain white Keds or Toms and turn them into the latest designer shoe? Gracie Dzienny shows you how to replicate the famous and super cool Miu Miu bird print on your canvas shoes using fabric paint, stickers, and a whole lot of bling! What designer shoe do you want Gracie to DIY next?

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what are you giving to your BFF for Christmas? How are you going to wrap it?! Gracie Dzienny shows us how to make personalized Christmas wrapping paper for a BFF, a BF, a relative, or anyone! her gift wrapping is totally “to DIY for”. tell us your gifting wrapping ideas in the comments below.


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love to DIY? Join AwesomenessTV and Nickelodeon star Gracie Dzienny as she shows you how to make her personalized flats, snowman cupcakes, and just about anything you can do yourself with step-by-step instructions and delicious recipes! do YOU have a great idea you want you want Gracie to DIY? leave a comment below and she just might pick your project :]

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On Tuesday Gracie uploaded a new video to her youtube channel. In the video Gracie shares why she uploads her videos on Tuesday with a beautiful poem. Make sure to check out the video below, and if you haven’t already head on over to her channel to subscribe!

Here is the reason I choose to post my videos on Tuesday! There’s always a meaning behind every action. Enjoy! 🙂

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