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I have added HD Captures of Gracie in Monday’s episode of Chasing Life. Make sure to check them out over in the gallery!

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In tonight’s all new “Chasing Life” Greer and Brenna participate in a fashion show, Brenna gets worried about Greer when she makes an outburst at the show. Make sure to tune into ABC Family tonight at 9pm to catch the episode, watch the clip below!

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I have added some amazing captures of Gracie in this week’s episode of “Chasing Life”, in the episode The Big Leagues we fount out that Gracie’s character Greer takes prescription drugs for depression, and she had been off of them, and thats why she was a bit darker in this weeks episode. No worries tho Brenna and Kiren stuck by her! Make sure to check out the captures over in the gallery, and if you missed the episode you can head to the Watch ABC Family App, or ABC Family on Demand.

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Make sure to tune into ABC Family tonight at 9pm to catch an all new chasing life. You can check out a preview clip below!

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Gracie was back on this week’s episode of ‘Chasing Life’ as Greer, i have added around 35 HD captures to the gallery! Be sure to head on over and check them out! There’s only 3 or 4 more episodes to season 1, can’t wait to see what happens between Greer and Brenna.

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I have added Captures of Gracie from Monday’s “Chasing Life” and “State Of Affairs” Episode. Make sure to check them out over in the gallery! I will also be working on updating the Video Archive with Supah Ninjas Season 2 Episodes, Chasing Life Clips, and State Of Affairs Clip. Keep checking back for those updates!

Not Only will Gracie be back on Chasing Life Monday (January 19th, 2015) at 9pm, she will also reprise her role as Stacy Dover on NBC’s “State Of Affairs” at 10pm on Monday! Make sure to tune into both shows to catch Gracie in action!

State of Affairs 1×09 “Cry Havoc” – Charlie (Katherine Heigl) and the PDB team race to prove that sorority girl Stacy Dover (guest star Gracie Dzienny) is, in fact, an active member of Ar Rissalah’s American terrorist cell. Amidst the high stakes investigation, Charlie is forced to confront the fact that one of her closest allies may have betrayed her. Meanwhile, Operation Bellerophon is in full swing as Nick Vera (guest star Chris L. McKenna) gets one step closer to contact with Omar Fattah. But Charlie’s efforts to bring down Ar Rissalah may not be able to prevent an attack on the homeland. Alfre Woodard, Adam Kaufman, Sheila Vand, Cliff Chamberlain, Tommy Savas and David Harbour also star.

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Check out this clip of Greer & Brenna on Chasing Life, and be sure to tune into the winter premiere on ABC Family Monday, January 19th, 2015 @ 9pm!

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On Monday Gracie guest starred in NBC’s State of Affiars. I have added some great captures to the gallery, as well as her clip from the show over in the Video Archive. Make sure to check them out! Hopefully Gracie will be back for more episodes, seems like her character is up to something!


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I have added captures to all of Gracie’s episode’s of #17Daily. You can head on over to to watch all of Gracie’s episode, and click on the thumbnails below to see some wonderful captures.

I hope you all have a great holiday season, and a happy new year! I will see you in January 2015, Don’t forget to mark your calender’s for the return of Chasing Life on ABC Family!

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When Chasing Life returns to ABC Family in January, we learn that Greer has a secret. Read an interview from Zap2it that Executive Producer Patrick Sean Smith gave.

“We establish in the holiday episode that Greer’s parents sent her away to a summer program. When we pick up four months later, Greer is returning and the girls are going back to school,” Smith says. “Brenna is optimistic that over four months time their parents would have relaxed a little bit, but she’s disappointed to see that they haven’t.

“So we start to see this difference between Greer and Brenna, where Greer is the good girl and Brenna, as we’ve seen, is clearly not. So we’ve created this Juliet-Juliet dynamic to see which way the girls go given where they start. And we really explore more of Greer in these next 10 episodes. She has a secret that comes out in the middle of 1b, but it’s something that we touched on lightly when the girls went to Florida. It tests their relationship and its future.”

To read more visit Zap2it by clicking HERE.

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Chasing Life’s Winter premiere will air on ABC Family starting January 19th at 9pm! Make sure to tune in to catch Gracie as our favorite character Greer!

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