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Hi guys i have finally gotten around to updating, i have added the Summer Finale Captures of Gracie in Chasing Life. Make sure to check them out over in the gallery, and be prepared for it to come back on this winter. I have also added two new sets of Photoshoot images to the gallery as well.

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Tonight is the night, the summer finale of Chasing Life on ABC Family. You can watch a clip below, and make sure to tune in tonight at 9PM after an all new Pretty Little Liars.

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I have added some amazing captures of Gracie as Greer in the past two episodes of ABC Family’s Hit Drama Chasing Life. Make sure to check them out over in the gallery! Be sure to tune into ABC Family this Tuesday for the summer finale, you don’t wanna miss it!

Quite a bit to update you guys on today! First off i have added some amazing captures of Gracie as Greer in last week’s episode of ABC Family’s “Chasing Life”. Seems like things are heating up a bit for Greer’s & Breena’s friendship! Make sure to keep tuning in to Chasing Life on ABC Family Tuesday’s at 9pm. Also below is an article on Breena & Greer’s relationship on the show. As well as 2 beautiful episode stills of this coming Tuesday’s episode! You can also watch a preview below.

Gracie recently did a photoshoot with Haley Ramm who plays Breena. These images were shot by the amazing Tyler Shields. Make sure to check them out over in the gallery as well!

Brenna made a bold move on “Chasing Life” Tuesday (July 22) when she admitted her feelings for Greer by kissing her on the steps of Greer’s house. Actress Haley Ramm tells Zap2it she thinks the way the show is handling Brenna’s sexuality is unique and refreshing.

“It’s really refreshing that it doesn’t have to be this big explanation, it just is the way it is,” says Ramm. “She just owns it. It’s really cool and I’m very happy to play that character. Hopefully young poeple that are watching, if they’re going through that and they’re questioning, they can just have the confidence to be who they are.”

Part of the “Unplanned Parenthood” episode featured Brenna revealing, through a game of “I Never” at April’s byline celebration, that she’s been attracted to someone of the same sex. Sister April barely batted an eye.

“It’s cool that Brenna doesn’t have to explain herself,” says Ramm. “She doesn’t have to put a name on it. The way Brenna looks at it is love is love and you can love anyone. You can love a guy one day, you can love a girl one day. She just is who she is, it’s the coolest thing. I think that everyone could be a little bit like Brenna in that way.”

Now that Brenna has admitted she has romantic feelings for Greer, we’re curious if she will feel the need to “come out” to the rest of her family, but Ramm says no — which is another cool aspect of the character for her.

“She’s never had a ‘coming out’ scene, which is awesome,” says Ramm. “She never has to sit her family down and tell them. She has a really great family, they’re all very supportive of each other, so no, she never has to.”

Ramm teases that the Carver family will definitely be interacting with Greer, to humorous results.

“Greer is around a lot and she will be spending a lot of time in the Carver house,” says Ramm. “There are some really, really painfully awkward scenes coming up with — [ laughs] I don’t want to say, it’ll spoil it.”

Ramm also agrees that this portrayal of sexuality is a really positive thing to see on TV. “It’s really cool, we’ve come a long way,” she says.

“Chasing Life” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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Tune into ABC Tonight for an all new episode of Chasing Life. Also i have added captures to last week’s episode to the gallery so be sure to check them out!

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I have added 5 really gorgeous images of Gracie in a new Photoshoot! Make sure to check them out over in the gallery! Also keep checking back for the latest Chasing Life Captures!

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Catch Gracie as Greer in an all new episode of “Chasing Life” tonight at 9pm on ABC Family! Gracie’s character throws a party at her “castle” house. Tune in to watch it all go down!

I have added captures of Gracie from Tuesday night’s new episode of “Chasing Life”, In the episode Greer joins Breena and her friends at a showing of “Pretty In Pink”. Also Breena leans on Greer to feel better about whats going on with her family! If you didn’t get a chance to catch the episode, you can head to On Demand, or watch ABC Family App, and catch up. Make sure to tune into “Chasing Life” every Tuesday at 9pm on ABC Family!

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I hope you all had the chance to catch Gracie’s first episode of “Chasing Life” on ABC Family yesterday! If you didn’t make sure to check out on demand or Watch ABC Family app to get caught up! I have added some captures to the gallery, make sure to check them out, and catch “Chasing Life” on ABC Family Tuesdays @9pm.

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I have added 4 HQ Candid Images of Gracie out in Los Angeles with good friend Stefanie Scott. Make sure to check them out over in the gallery. Also i hope you are all tuning into ABC Family’s new Drama “Chasing Life”, Gracie gave us a heads up on facebook that we will see her on the show starting around episode 4. So stay tuned for that!

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Check out the latest videos Gracie has done for Seventeen, make sure to subscribe to the seventeen channel and Gracie’s youtube channel (iamgraciedzienny) to keep up with all the latest.

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