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I have added new photoshoot images of Gracie’s latest Rock The Look Episode, which was “Prints on Prints”. Make sure to check out the video below, as well as a special Rock The Look Video giving you a chance to be featured on an episode! How cool is that! I have also added HD Captures to the latest To DIY For Episode, which you can check out the video below! Last but not least Ciara Bravo joined Gracie in a “No More Dreaded Mondays” Video. Make sure to watch all of it below!

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Laura     October 7,2013     1 Comment on Huge Update

Okay guys, sorry i have been lacking in updates, but always better now than never! Anyways I have uploaded some new photoshoot images from Gracie’s latest ROCK THE LOOK Episode. Be sure to check out the images over in the gallery, and the episode below! Also Gracie recently modeled for Blogoiliates. I have added 2 photoshoot images to the gallery as well. Below you can check out the latest 2DIYFOR episodes and HD Captures over in the gallery!

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Laura     September 27,2013     1 Comment on New Youtube Show “Rock The Look”

Hi guys, sorry i have still been MIA, things are pretty hectic with school & work, so updates will be slow. Gracie has started a new Fashion Show on her Personal Youtube Account, “Rock THe Look”, she has added photos from the first 2 episodes to her Official Facebook Page, you can check them out over in the gallery, and the show below!

To DIY For Update Coming Tomorrow!

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Laura     September 12,2013     1 Comment on See Dad Run & To DIY For!

Hi guys sorry i have been MIA the last couple weeks, school has been very demanding and busy lately. Anywho i have caught up on all the latest To DIY For Episodes, captures are over in the gallery. Also last Sunday Gracie’s episode of “See Dad Run” aired, i have added HD Captures to the gallery as well. Although i couldn’t update, i did tune in to watch Gracie in action! You can always check your local TV Listings for re-runs.

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Laura     June 20,2013     2 Comments on To DIY For: Dorm Decoration

Even though it’s still summer, Gracie Dzienny wants to show you how to decorate your room (or dorm room) this fall! All you need are your favorite instagram pics and a few other materials, and your room will be the coolest place to hang. Oh! And I want to see your DIY inspiration! Send me your photos on Instagram OR Pinterest to the hash tag #2DIYFor and maybe I’ll use that photo as inspiration for my next DIY project! Can’t wait to see your pics! Bye!

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So Far this week on IMO the girls have talked about Celebrities on Twitter: The Do’s & Dont’s about Tweets. They talked all about their favorite Reality TV Shows, Gracie loves Toddler’s & Tiaras! Whats your favorite? On today’s episode the girls talk about Confidence and how to gain it! Check out HD captures in the gallery and the episodes below!

Episode 33: Celebrities on Twitter
Episode 34: Reality TV
Episode 35: We Rock!

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ON NICKELODEON, 2012 begins with a new series, broadcast from the 18th of this month: Supah Ninjas. The adventures of three teens like no other … with a mix of action, comedy and adventure, the series portrays the lives of Mike Fukanaga, and friends Owen and Amanda students by day, ninjas by night!

With guest star George Takei aka Sulu in Star Trek.

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Hello Everyone, Gracie atteneded Dream Magazine’s Winter Wonderland Holiday Party on December 5th. Laura added those images to the gallery earlier this week. Gracie looked gorgeous as always. Make sure to head over to the gallery to take a look!

Also, there will be a brand new episode of ‘Supah Ninjas’ called “Skeleton Crew” on Tuesday, December 27th. It will premiere at 7pm during the Christmas Post Premieres on Nickelodeon! Remember to watch!

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Hey guys, last weekend Gracie & some friends went to DisneyLand to celebrate Stefanie Scott’s birthday! They made a fun little video while they were there. It looks like they had all had an amazing time there. Check out the video below!

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Hi everyone! I have added over 300 captures of Gracie in last saturday’s episode of Supah Ninjas. Make sure to check the gallery for all of those. Next i have added the full episode of “Kickbutt” to the video archive, which you can check out by clicking HERE or clicking on the thumbnails below.

Also below is a new clip from tomorrow’s new episode of Supah Ninjas, which will air on Nickelodeon at 9pm. Make sure to tune in to catch its premiere.

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The Stars of Nickelodeon’s “Supah Ninjas” recently caught up with Fanlala to talk about there obsession’s the show and more Make sure to check them out below. Also i have added captures from Talk it Out Episode “Truth About Boys” as well as a few more “iParty with Victorious” Premiere pictures. Make sure to check those out below.

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