001. I’m an obsessive doodler! Every homework page is covered in doodles.
002. I’m the baby of my family. My brother is eight years older and my sister is 10 years older.
003. I love to bake. Cupcakes are my favorite!
004. I’ve been a competitive dancer since I was three. In my first competition I ran across the stage in the wrong section!
005. love Halloween! I don’t like the scary aspect though, just the dressing up part. Every year my mom helps me and my friends make the most extravagant costumes. A few of my faves were ‘The Brady Bunch,’ Little Bo Peep, and ‘Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs.’
006. For summer entertainment my friends and I would re-make movie musicals. We would say all the lines and choreograph the dances…it was pretty intense.
007.I ran away from home when I was 5. I didn’t get far because I knew I wasn’t allowed to cross the street. I just sat and pouted while my family laughed at me from the front door.
008. I love fashion! I’m always designing outfits and would love to create my own clothing line.
009. I’m a big fan of Broadway musicals! I can’t wait to go see ‘Anything Goes’ with Sutton Foster! She’s one of my favorite Broadway stars.
010. I’m a chocoholic! I don’t think I could go a week without chocolate.
011. My friend and I had a lemonade stand to help pay for our braces.
012. I make dream boards often. I cut out magazine pictures of motivational or inspiring things and collage them. It helps me envision my goals and work hard for them.