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Gracie participated in this years Los Angeles Mission Thanksgiving for the Homeless. I have added some images of Gracie helping out to the gallery! Be sure to check them out. Also I hope you all have a very wonderful and safe Thanksgiving Holidays!

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A brand new ‘2 DIY For’ is here, and its all about thanksgiving dessert and how to make it healthy! Make sure to check it out below. I’ll have captures up in the gallery later this evening. It looks like 2 DIY For will only come once a month now. But we will see.

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I have added Photoshoot Images from Gracie’s latest Rock The Look! This week its Fall Fairy! Be sure to check out the episode below, and pictures over in the gallery! Also be sure to subscribe to Gracie’s youtube, and follow her on twitter!

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It’s another week! And you know what that means, a brand new Rock The Look & 2 DIY For. Make sure to check out both episodes below, and Rock The Look Images, and 2 DIY For Captures over in the gallery! Also Gracie has been hinting on Twitter that she is working on a new project, i can’t wait to know what it is! Keep checking her twitter for all the latest information.

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I have added new photoshoot images of Gracie’s latest Rock The Look Episode, which was “Prints on Prints”. Make sure to check out the video below, as well as a special Rock The Look Video giving you a chance to be featured on an episode! How cool is that! I have also added HD Captures to the latest To DIY For Episode, which you can check out the video below! Last but not least Ciara Bravo joined Gracie in a “No More Dreaded Mondays” Video. Make sure to watch all of it below!

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Laura     October 7,2013     1 Comment on Huge Update

Okay guys, sorry i have been lacking in updates, but always better now than never! Anyways I have uploaded some new photoshoot images from Gracie’s latest ROCK THE LOOK Episode. Be sure to check out the images over in the gallery, and the episode below! Also Gracie recently modeled for Blogoiliates. I have added 2 photoshoot images to the gallery as well. Below you can check out the latest 2DIYFOR episodes and HD Captures over in the gallery!

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