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Brad from Nick UK caught up with Gracie, Ryan, & Carlos of Nickleodeon’s “Supah Ninjas” backstage at the 2012 Kids Choice Awards! They dish on what the favorite KCA moments are, what they were excited to see this year at the KCA’s and More! Make sure to check it out below!

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Popstar Magazine caught up with the Supah Ninjas of Nickelodeon, Gracie Dzienny, Ryan Potter, & Carlos Knight. Gracie and the boys took the ultimate KCA Quizz! Did they score an A+ Watch the video below to find out!

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Below is an interview Gracie, Ryan & Carlos did while attending the 2012 Kids Choice Awards over the weekend! They talk about what there most excited to see, there memories, and who they want to get slimed! Also below is a video of Gracie on Nickelodeon’s Orange Carpet! Make sure to check them out!

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It was a KCA Filled weekend for Gracie, she attended the KCA Pre-Party, and the 25th Annual Nickelodeon Kids’ Chocie Awards. I have been adding pictures all morning to the gallery! So far there are 45 Beautiful images of Gracie rocking the Orange Carpet. Gracie sure has an eye for fashion! Her dress is stunning, and did you see her shoes, to die for! Make sure to check out the gallery as im sure we will keep adding pictures! Hopefully press interviews will be out soon!

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Today Gracie did a little more modeling for her sister Cassie’s Blog (should totally check it out, well worth it). With The Hunger Games out, Gracie sure helped us get more into the spirit of the movie’s release! Check it out below!

Grace was really dying to do a Katniss photo shoot for The Hunger Games…so I let her! Why not? When she’s on the blog I have 3x the viewers anyways. Way to make a big sis feel cool!

Grace read the series wayy before it was even trendy (thanks to a super hip 4th grade teacher…Mrs B!), and then passed the books along to me. It’s been such a long time, I can barely remember the story line. I do know that I am dying to see the movie this weekend, and that I loved every second of each book.

I was reading in Teen Vogue a list of books that are like The Hunger Games, one being Divergent by Veronica Roth. It was pretty great. I also just purchased Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi, which was also on the list. At the store, when I asked where to find the books and was pointed directly to the “teen” section, the woman gave me a funny look and I was a little mortified. It’s almost a diss to my intelligence. Maybe I should keep trucking through Shantaram, which I really like, but have been reading for a solid year. Who am I kidding? I still act like a teen, why not read like one! SORRY BOOK STORE LADY, I’m sticking to kiddo books. BAM.

Gracie’s “May the odds be ever in your favor” Look: Jacket and Leggings by Lululemon, Skirt by Wet Seal, Official Hunger Games pin, Boots by Michael Kors, Blue Eyeliner by Urban Decay, Bow and Arrow…a Tars original.


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I have added 25 Captures of Gracie in NBC’S “Up All Night”! I hope you all had the chance to tune in to see Gracie’s performance! She did an amazing job, as she always does! Make sure to check out those captures over in the gallery! Im hoping to be able to have her clip in the video archive soon! It’s taking me a while to get episodes, but bare with me they will be up asap!

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Earlier today, It was announced at the Nickelodeon upfront that Supah Ninjas was picked up for a second season! Gracie also tweeted about how excited she is to start filming for it. Are you guys excited? I for one, definitely am! Check out the tweet below!

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Stars of Nickelodeon’s Supah Ninjas (Gracie Dzienny, Ryan Potter, & Carlos Knight) will be featured in the April Issue of Popstar Magazine! They recently had a photoshoot with Popstar at the Santa Monica Pier! Check out the videos below!

Popstar! got the chance to hang out with the cast of Supah Ninjas and not only did we have a really fun photo shoot with the cast (which you can find pictures of in our APR12 issue!) but we also got to ask them tons of questions!
The cast spilled about some of their fears, what makes someone beautiful (or handsome), if they ever get camera shy and so much more! Gracie told us she’s afraid of the dark. LOL! Can you relate?
Watch our exclusive videos below!


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Gracie tweeted earlier that she will be in NBC’S “Up All Night”. The episode is titled “Baby Fever” and is airing on Thursday Night @ 9:30pm. Make sure to tune in! Gracie will be in a little scene with actress Maya Rudolph. Check out the tweet below!

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I have added over 170 HD Captures of Gracie’s performance in “Fred: The Show”. Make sure to head on over to the gallery to check those out! If you missed the episode or just want to see it again, you can head on over to to watch the full episode. You can also check our Video Archive later to find the full episode. How did you all like Gracie’s character Holly? I think it was a really funny episode!

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Here is yet another new clip from tonights new episode of Fred! Gracie stars as Holly the baddest girl in school who Fred has a crush on! Make sure to check out the clip below. Hopefully i can get captures to it in the gallery soon!

Also Gracie was a Guest Blogger on her Sister’s Blog! Check it out below, and pictures over in the gallery. Make sure to subscribe to Cassie’s Blog!

Well..maybe not guest blogger…but guest model for sure!

Ever have one of those days where you just don’t feel like jumping in front of the camera? That’s when you force your little sister to do it! Grace stepped in today, debuting a very fresh Teen Vogue look. As a matter of fact, I think she makes me look old. Next guest is going to be someone less stunning I think.

Gracie’s Bright and Bold Look: Skirt by LF, Shoes by Doc Martin, Tank by H&M, Sweatshirt by Forever 21, Bracelets by Betsey Johnson and Forever 21, Necklace and Ring by Forever 21, Blue Eyeliner by Urban Decay, Lips MAC color “Pink Nouveau.”

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Here is Clip #2 of Gracie in Tomorrow Night’s new episode! Make sure to catch the premiere tomorrow night on Nickelodeon (March 9th at 8pm). The episode looks really good, and it seems like Gracie plays a bad girl! So Exciting. Make sure to check out the clip below and captures over in the gallery!

Fred invites over the baddest girl in school he likes to watch a scary movie hoping it will show her he’s a rebel

I also added 15 New Icons to the Icon Archive! Make sure to check those out by clicking on the thumbnails below!

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