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Hello Everyone, Guess whose Sweet 16 is coming up…. thats right, its Gracie’s. You can head on over to the Birthday Section to send Gracie a Birthday Message. After the Birthday Project is over, i will make a Special Online Magazine of Gracie, that will feature all the messages, artwork, and etc that you guys send in! So with no further due click on the thumbnail below to take part in Gracie’s Sweet 16 Birthday Project.

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Hello Everyone! I have finally gotten around to adding screen captures from Supah Ninjas Episode “X”. Make sure to check those out over in the gallery. I have also added Gracie’s 2 new Twitter Pictures. And last but not least i have added 2 Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day of Play images to the gallery as well, thanks to JustJaredJr. for the photos.

On Sept. 24, Nickelodeon will bring its flagship Worldwide Day of Play event to Washington, D.C. for its biggest celebration of active play in the eight-year history of the initiative.The network will host an entire day of activities and games for kids and their families to encourage active and healthy lifestyles.

Also, remember that Nickelodeon’s TV channels and websites will go off the air and offline during Worldwide Day of Play from 12PM – 3PM ET/PT to encourage kids across the country to participate in the celebration of healthy and active play.

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Hi everyone, Gracie is featured in the new Nickelodeon Worldwide Day of Play TV Spot along with her Supah Ninja Co-stars Ryan Potter, & Carlos Knight. Make sure to check out the video below, and make sure to check out the screen captures over in the gallery.

LA Teen Festival recently caught up with the stars of Nickelodeon’s “Supah Ninjas”. They talk about the show there Martial Art Skills, and more. Make sure to check out the interview below.

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Hi guys, i am very sorry for not having the captures for supah ninjas episode “x” yet. I promise i will have them up asap. I have uploaded some pictures from the 2011 san diego comic con, and a behind the scenes picture from supah ninjas. I have also added gracie’s recent twitter pictures as well. Make sure to check the gallery for those.

Daniella Monet will guest star on an upcoming episode of Supah Ninjas. Here is a video below for more information.

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We hope you brought your appetite, because we’re headed into the kitchen with Gracie Dzienny for some baking 101! If you didn’t know by now, Gracie is a master chef when it comes to sweet treats. And she gave us an exclusive look at some of her coolest cupcake creations. She whips up a new set of supah cute cupcakes for every episode of her show, Supah Ninjas, and shares them on set with the rest of the cast and crew. How sweet! (Literally). And now she’s spilling all the sugary details about these dojo-inspired desserts with us! Check it out.

X: Gracie said, “My brother was my assistant this week, so it was an interesting night of baking over at the Dzienny household! These cupcakes took what seemed like FOREVER to make! They were a Funfetti cake with buttercream frosting. Then I made little train tracks out of licorice and a little train out of a piece of chocolate, a Tootsie roll, and 4 M&M’s. Ninja Knowledge: ‘An extra set of hands are very helpful. Even though sometimes it feels good to take all the credit, teamwork helps the job get done more quickly and efficiently!”

Katara: “For these cupcakes I used fondant for the first time! I felt like I was a real cake designer!!! It’s a vanilla cake with a lil dab of strawberry jelly inside. Ninja Knowledge: When using fondant to make more than one of the same decoration you should use a stencil so they all turn out pretty similar!”

Checkmate: “This week I did a red velvet cupcake with a cream cheese frosting! Then to symbolize the villain, Checkmate, I added a chess piece! Ninja Knowledge: When filling the cupcake tins with batter put it in a zip lock bag so you have better control!”

Mr.Bradford: “These cupcakes were one of my favorites! I made a yellow cake cupcake with a buttercream frosting, but the topping on the cake (literally!) was the chocolate bugs I made! They were just chocolate chips melted and M &M’s, but they look about as good as a bug could look! Ninja Knowledge: Make sure you watch the chocolate while its melting. Burnt chocolate is not tasty and the smell stays in the kitchen for daysss!!! Trust me I know from experience!”

Dollhouse: “These are up there with my all time favorite cupcakes! (Reason for two pics!) I made a really simple vanilla cake with buttercream frosting and then I added cute cookies with Amanda the cheerleader or Kelly the cheerleader on them! It was fun to have a battle of the cupcakes on-set: Who are you going to go with the Kelly? or the Amanda? Ninja Knowledge: Always practice on a paper plate or extra cookie before starting a design. Sometimes your ideas don’t come across as well as you thought they were going to! At the end they’ll always turn out amazing though, because you made them! Haha!”

Limelight: “This week I was hunting down those jelly candies that look like slices of fruit but I couldn’t find them ANYWHERE!!!! I finally just settled for citrus flavored jelly candies! This cupcake was a lemon cupcake with a marshmallow frosting. Ninja Knowledge: The boxes that water bottles come in are perfect cupcake traveling cases and you are using a recycled box! So it’s a win win situation!!”

Mechanov: “These cupcakes are Ryan’s favorite! It’s an almond cupcake with a honey and cream cheese frosting. The purple “diamond”, which the villains are stealing, is a piece of dark chocolate! Ninja Knowledge: Vanilla, orange, or almond extract is a great way to add unique flavors to regular box cake mixes!”

DJ Elephant Head: “We had a few trial runs before we found the perfect combination for the candy headphones. We ended up using one Mini Oreo and a piece of licorice to make the cute little embellishment on our carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting! Ninja Knowledge: Putting sprinkles in a bowl and dipping cupcakes helps the sprinkles stick to the frosting better and is much cleaner!!”

Ishina: “This week was a very busy schedule, so I decided to make 96 cupcakes again as a thank you to everyone for a great team effort! I made a chocolate cupcake with a butter cream frosting. Then I used colored frosting to make Chinese lanterns, like the ones hanging in the marketplace. To finish each cupcake off I wrote the Japanese symbol for FAMILY on each lantern. Ninja Knowledge: A zip-lock bag works just as good as a pastry bag when frosting or filling cupcake tins.”

Frostbite: “This week I decided to change it up and make cupcakes in cones! It was a perfect fit with our villain this week! They are such a family favorite, so I wanted to make sure I made them really really good! I put devils food cake cupcakes inside and made a new vanilla frosting with star sprinkles on top. Ninja Knowledge: White chocolate at the bottom of the cone helps the cone cupcakes stay standing up and it also adds a nice little treat when you’re done!”

Kick-Butt: “This week we decided what is better than one cupcake? Two cupcakes!!! So we did 2 mini chocolate cupcakes on a wooden stick. So they weren’t exactly the same, we put a peanut butter frosting on one and a buttercream frosting on the other, topped off with a cherry! Ninja Knowledge: When giving out cupcakes make sure you give out napkins too! Sometimes the mini treats get pretty messy!!”

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Here is a sneak peek at tomorrow’s new episode of “Supah Ninjas” It premiere’s Tomorrow (July 23rd, @8:30pm on Nick) that’s right after the new Big Time Rush.

Also don’t forget that if your in the San Diego Area, the cast of Supah Ninjas will be at Comic Con at 12pm Noon at the Nick booth. Make sure to stop by and say hi and get an autograph!

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Hi guys, I hope you are all are having a wonderful summer! I have added 4 recent photoshoot pictures of Gracie to the gallery. The photographer who shot these photos are MARLENA MAIDHOF and she is nothing short of amazing at her craft! The photos of Gracie is just Breath Taking and Simply Gorgeous. There a must to check out over in the gallery!!

I have added a new Mini Page for Gracie’s older sister, Cassie Dzienny. You can check out that and get to know Cassie by clicking this link Here.

Don’t forget that the cast of Supah Ninja’s will be at comic con this weekend. Also there will be a brand new episode of Supah Ninjas Right after an all new Big Time Rush! Make sure to tune into Nickelodeon to catch the premiere’s.

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Hi guys, i hope you are all having a wonderful summer! I have added Gracie’s recent twitter pictures, as well as her recent facebook to the gallery. I have added what i think is another promo for “Supah Ninjas” to the gallery as well. Make sure to head on over and check those out!

Don’t forget that this weekend – July 23rd (Saturday) The Cast of Supah Ninjas will be at comic con signing autographs and all at the Nick Booth at Noon(12pm).

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Hi guys, so sorry for the lack of updates. I have other exciting news for all of you. Make sure to read below for whats going on in Gracie’s life right now.

First off Leo Chu tweeted saying that the Supah Ninja Cast (Ryan, Carlos & Gracie) will be at ComiCon next weekend (Saturday – July 23rd, 2011) at 12:00 at the Nick Booth. They Will be signing, autographs, pictures, etc. & meeting fans. If you are able to attend and would like to send us pics, videos, or your story, you can email them to me here at

Next Nickelodeon’s Brainsurge is back, better than ever. As you all may know last season they had a week of Nick Stars on the show, well now they will have familes + more nick stars! Make sure to the info below thanks to

The “mind-bending” game show hosted by Jeff Sutphen, is back and offering viewers even more brain twisters, signature slime, and the fun of families playing together while competing for some awesome prizes! But kids and their families aren’t the only ones getting in on the fun this season! Several Nick stars from your favorite shows such as “iCarly,” “Victorious,” “Big Time Rush,” “Bucket & Skinner,” “House of Anubis,” and “Supah Ninjas” are getting in on the action and partnering-up alongside parent and kid teams!

Other stars appearing on the show this season to compete for the ultimate honor of being slimmed include Vanessa Williams, Larry King, Joey Fatone, Jennie Garth, Candace Cameron Bure, WWE Superstars, and many more! What could be more fun than being slimmed from head to toe with your family!

Don’t miss the fun starting Monday, July 18, when Nickelodeon will air a full week of all-new episodes premiering at 8:00 p.m. (ET/PT) on Nick at Nite!

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Hi guys, here is some more information on the newest episode of Supah Ninjas Which is titled “Eternum”. I have also added some HQ Pictures of Gracie from the “iParty With Victorious” Premiere. I have also added 1 neew headshot picture and 2 misc. pictures, Make sure to check out all of that over in the gallery.

In “Eternum,” Dr. Eternum, a demented psychiatrist, believes he has the power to change human nature and turn good into evil and lures the ninjas to the asylum in order to test his theory.
While in the asylum, Amanda (Gracie Dzienny) runs into an old nemesis, Checkmate, who’s eager for a rematch.
“Eternum” premieres TOMORROW, Saturday, July 9 @ 9:30PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon.

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Hi guys, i have fount a new preview for what i assume to be a new episode of Supah Ninjas Im not sure when its suppose to air or anything like that but when i do i will be sure to let all of you know. This sneak peek looks like it will be a very funny episode, so i can’t wait to see when it will premiere.

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Hi guys, i hope everyone had a wonderful and safe 4th of july weekend! I am back from my trip and here to update you all on gracie news. I have added over 400 HD Screencaps from the latest Supah Ninjas Episode which is “Dollhouse”. Make sure to check those out over in the gallery! You can watch the episode again over at or you can buy it from itunes.

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