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Over the weekend, Gracie attended the premiere of Dreamworks “Kung Fu Panda 2” Premiere, in Hollwood CA. I have added two pictures in the gallery, and i will be adding more as more become available. Also below is a video that Maximo Got of gracie while posing on the red carpet, Make sure to watch below!

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Hi Guys! I have found 10 gorgeous new photoshoot pictures of Gracie. They are so beautiful, i especially love the ones on the beach, but there all so amazing. I have put a light tagging on these pictures, just for the fact that they were extremely hard to find. Make sure to head on over to check out the pics, there a must!

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I have added over 600 HD Captures from Saturday’s Episode of Supah Ninjas, which is titled “Mr. Bradford”. I really loved this episode, who new that he was actually trying to help amanda. I thought it was amazing and unexpected. If you would like to share your thoughts make sure to head on over to the Spotlight Forums, to talk about them.

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I have added captures from Talk it Out Episodes 6 & 7 Make sure to head on over to the gallery to check those out! Also Dont Forget the New Supah Ninjas Episode tonight titled “Mr. Bradford” Make sure to tune in at 8:30 tonight on Nickelodeon.

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Hi Everyone! Back in 2009 & 2010 Gracie was part of an online talk show titled “Talk it Out”. The Show is for girls, by girls. You can check out the episodes below & Visit the site here I also have added caps from the Intro. and from Episode 8:Girl Power Make sure to check those out and i will have more captures later this week.

Also Don’t forget that a Brand New Episode of Supah Ninjas Premieres Saturday, (May 14, 2011) at 8:30pm on Nick.

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This week i have added over 400 HD captures from “Subsiders” Episode of Supah Ninjas. Make sure to check those captures out in the gallery! Also i have added a new Promotional Picture from Supah Ninjas, which you can view here.

Fanlala TV Caught up with Gracie on the purple carpet for the 3rd Annual Lollipop Theater Network Game Day along with other stars. You can check out the video below!

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Hi Gracie Fans! I have added over 500 HD Captures from “Two Ton Harley” Episode! Make sure to check those out in the gallery! Also if you have any thoughts or comments about the show or questions don’t forget to head on over to our Spotlight Forums to share!

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Hi Everyone! Gracie attended the Lollipop Theater Network Game Day yesterday (Sat. 7 May) at the Nickelodeon Studios in Burbank, California. It seems like she had a wonderful time posing for pictures on the purple carpet, and playing games. I have added a few pictures from the event, hopefully we will have more to add soon!

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Hi everyone! Happy “Cinco De Mayo” Day! I have added over 300 HD Captures from Supah Ninjas, Episode 2 titled “Katara”. Make sure to check those out over in the gallery!

Also Make sure to join our Spotlight Forums here to tell us about supah ninjas, how you like the show, what you are looking forward and your favorite characters.

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Hi Guys, sorry for not updating i was out of state on a family trip, so i wasn’t able to get on the computer to do anything. On another note, i had finally got access to the 4th episode of “Supah Ninjas” HD episode, which is “Checkmate. There are over 600 captures that can be found in the gallery. I will be getting the other episode captures this week, so keep checking back for those!

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Here is a brand new video of Supah Ninjas. This is a preview of the upcoming episode “Checkmate” which premieres this saturday at 8:30pm on Nick. make sure to tune in to watch!! Enjoy!!

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Hi Gracie Fans!! I have added 4 recent twitter pictures that Gracie has tweeted from her twitter. You can check those out over in the gallery or on her twitter of course. Hopefully soon i will have captures from Supah Ninjas Episodes “Katara” & “Two Ton Harley”. Make sure to keep checking back!

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